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Importance of Website Images in SEO

There are different types of SEO techniques that help to boost the website. When you are going to add images to your website, then you need to optimize the image, according to the search engine. It will help in increasing popularity and brings more visitors to the website.

Keywords in the filename: It is the most important step in SEO process. It is necessary to save the images and upload on the website using the keywords. For example, if you have a particular keyword, then save the image using that keyword. It is equal to having keywords in the URL of your website. When the search engine browses for a particular keyword, then your website will automatically appear because you have the saved the image using that particular keyword. It is necessary to use the same method for all the images you are using on the website. It is actually a simple method and works great more than decoration. Google hosts will usually collect all the graphics and images in a single folder instead of displaying them on the web pages.

Select relevant images: The image has to be relevant to your business and contents you are adding on the page. If you are going to use inappropriate images, then it will be of no use to the visitors. The image has to be meaningful and explain something specific to the visitors. It has to be relevant and optimized according to the search engine. Ensure to add relevant and attractive images to attract the potential clients visiting your website through the internet.

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