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How to design a logo for your roof repair company

A logo is more than just a picture or a few words. A logo is a reflection of your business, the identity by which your customers know you and recognize you, it WHO YOU ARE. The logo goes everywhere on your branding materials – business cards, letter heads, brochures, signage, online media etc. You’re going to see your own logo around everywhere, and if you don’t like it you can be sure others won’t. Here are some useful tips on how you can make your roof repair company, like Gustafson Roofing, Inc.,  stand out through a creative and eye-catching logo:

1.    Make a list of your competitors and the services they provide. Compare those with your business. What are your unique selling points? What makes you different? Identifying those elements and incorporating one or more in a logo is one way to make it stand out. For example, if you specialize in water proofing, that’s an element easily represented through an artful image. If your business is well known for after sales follow ups, use a graphic with a more personal touch.
2.    Google the world’s top logo designs and make lists of what you like and don’t like. Logos can be textual, image based or a combination of both. Take inspiration from what appeals to you and would best reflect the strengths of your business.
3.    Resist the urge to add too much to a logo design. Simple logos work best because they are easy to remember. Intricate designs work for businesses where people are going to have an opportunity to stare at the logo for a while. For example, a coffee shop logo is on napkins, crockery, behind the counter etc. A roof repair company logo will probably just be seen by passer bys in front of your office or on your business card. The customer will not get enough to remember or focus on the details of a complicated logo design.
4.    There are plenty of websites specializing in logo design where you can search for inspiration. Two such examples are LogoGala and Logo Moose. There are also sites like freelancer.com where you post a contest and select a logo design from options presented by designers all over the world. Posting a contest is free, and payment is made to the author of the design you select once you are satisfied.
5.    When choosing a final logo design from several options, keep in mind the preferences of your target audience. Brightly colored logos work well for florists, bakeries, and advertising agencies. The same would fail for a bank, where the logo needs to reflect a more serious, business like image.
6.    A business name or tagline can be an optional part of the logo, depending on the image itself. Because of the relatively limited exposure of the logo to your target audience, you may want your company name to be a part of the logo in order create a better memory reference point for your customers.