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Black mold is one of the most toxic substances on the planet. When you breathe in the spores of that mold, you can cause significant damage to your lungs, throat and even mouth. When most people see dark mold growing on their walls, they automatically assume that it’s a potentially dangerous form of black mold and freak out. We know that many of the prospective clients looking for mold experts¬†online want to know more about the mold growing in their homes, which is why we think you should have some great photos on your site. Those simple pictures can calm the fears of your clients and make you appear more trustworthy.

Ease Their Worries

With so many stories on the web about the dangers of black mold, it’s easy to understand why so many people flip out at the first signs of mold. They assume that the mold will make their families sick and even drop the value of their homes. When you post photos on your site of different mold types, you can ease some of their worries. They can use those photos to see what type of mold they have in their homes, which will help them give you the information you need before coming out for an inspection.

Show That You’re an Expert

The first photos can show that you are an expert and someone that prospective clients can trust. Some mold remediation sites focus on scaring clients through stories and photos that show how quickly mold can spread and what it can do to the human body. This might turn off those clients and make them look for another company. If you use clear photos with descriptions, you can let those same clients know what you’ll do to help them and instill in them the idea that they can trust you before you meet in person.

Offer Solutions

You shouldn’t fill your site will photos of mold on walls and floors. The next time that you’re out on a job, ask your clients if they would mind if you took a few photos for your site. You can then offer pictures that show prospective clients what you actually do on the job and how you can help them. Include photos of your employees applying cleaning solutions to the walls, removing mold and even the safety gear that you wear. Before and after pictures are a big help too. Those pictures show prospective clients just how clean you can make their own homes look.

Show Off Your Crew

Many people worry about hiring companies they find online to work in their own homes. As they do not know what those people look like, they don’t know who might show up at the front door. Sharing some photos of your own crew can make clients feel a little more confident about booking your services. Make sure that you use photos that show each person’s full face, though you can also add photos of your crew in action. You can even include a short biography to give clients more information about your workers. Listing some of their experience or hobbies can make clients feel more comfortable.

We understand that the internet increased the amount of competition among mold removal companies. That is why we recommend that you set your own company apart from the pack with clear images that you post on your site. Use photos of different mold types, your crew, the work that you do and even the supplies and equipment that your team uses. These photos will make you look more trustworthy and ease the fears your customers have.

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