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Importance of Website Images in SEO

There are different types of SEO techniques that help to boost the website. When you are going to add images to your website, then you need to optimize the image, according to the search engine. It will help in increasing popularity and brings more visitors to the website.

Keywords in the filename: It is the most important step in SEO process. It is necessary to save the images and upload on the website using the keywords. For example, if you have a particular keyword, then save the image using that keyword. It is equal to having keywords in the URL of your website. When the search engine browses for a particular keyword, then your website will automatically appear because you have the saved the image using that particular keyword. It is necessary to use the same method for all the images you are using on the website. It is actually a simple method and works great more than decoration. Google hosts will usually collect all the graphics and images in a single folder instead of displaying them on the web pages.

Select relevant images: The image has to be relevant to your business and contents you are adding on the page. If you are going to use inappropriate images, then it will be of no use to the visitors. The image has to be meaningful and explain something specific to the visitors. It has to be relevant and optimized according to the search engine. Ensure to add relevant and attractive images to attract the potential clients visiting your website through the internet.

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Tips to Find a Good Stock Image Website

If you are searching for good stock image website, you need to check on various factors. The stock image site has to provide images for various categories. For example, you may be planning to design a website for your restaurant business. In such a scenario, you need to enter the keyword or the type of business or service you are going to provide in the stock image website. The website will automatically fetch thousands of stock images for you. It is necessary to see whether the website provides images in small, medium, large and extra small sizes.

Some reputed stock image website will charge for bundled images, and if you are going to directly save or download, you will see the website seal on the image. It will clearly show that you have saved the image directly from the website without purchasing. Moreover, it will not appear in good quality. Here are some of the questions you need to ask when purchasing or downloading from a stock image website.

Does the stock image website look nice? Is the owner of the website is interested in adding more images and wishes to advance the photography? Does the website have a large number of graphics and photos to meet your requirements? Are the images are good in quality, no red eye and focused in work? Is the license is described in an understandable manner?

Well, you need to analyze and check on various terms before getting images from a website. There are times where even the experienced designers will find hard to get the right images for uploading on the website.

Know About Web Image Optimization

Most of the people wonder when they come across this term web image optimization. Well, let us explain the topic in simple terms. It involved reducing the image size in order to make it quickly loaded on the website. But still, when you reduce the size of the image, there are chances for quality to get affected. It is necessary to reduce the image size in such a way it does not affect the image quality. The great challenge behind image optimization is efficient loading and balancing the visual aesthetics of the image.

Why you need to optimize image? What is the benefit of optimizing images for the website? When a visitor clicks your website, the website has to load quickly. If it is going to take a lot of time or does not get loaded, the visitor would tend to click your competitor site. There are no chances for them to again give a visit to your website. They will have a mindset that this particular website does not work or takes a long time to load. It is actually a bad impression caused to the website. The load time is highly important for bringing popularity to the website.

Most of the web pages will have a lot of image files and these files contain the largest data. Due to the image size, the website will take a long time to load on the server. It is necessary to perform image optimization in order to reduce the load time of the website. Nowadays, people are using both dial-up services and high speed internet connections. When you optimize your images, the entire will get loaded even in the dial-up connection.