Website Design: Five Types of Image Files You should be Familiar

When a visitor clicks the website, the website has to load in few seconds. If it is going to take more than a minute, then the user will feel fed up and get back to the search engine. In order to process and boost your website in few seconds, you need to optimize the image and contents of the website. It plays an important role in the search engine optimization process. One of the main factors to make your website slow or quick is due to the website type, number and type of pictures you are adding to each page of the website.

It is hard to find and choose images for your website or blog. Some people will keep browsing and do not feel convinced with any pictures they come across. The website owner should purchase stock photographs or search from the Google for best and high quality images. Bitmap files are also known as .bmp file. It is easily available in Microsoft Windows format.

Since most of the people are using Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, you can see .bmp files present all over on the web. It supports 16.7 million colors. It is best for displaying images with details. Another popular file type is JPG or JPEG files. It also supports 16.7 million colors. The size of the file will remain small than the bitmap file. If you are going to save the same JPG file again and again, then there are chances for a quality drop. If you are going to use logos on your website, you can probably save and use in JPG format.

Graphic Design for Web and Online

Ensure to make the screen interactive and view-able. It should help the visitors to experience real time environment. When it comes to navigation, it is necessary to know the rules of navigation before planning to break them. You can make consistency throughout the website. This will help the users to easily navigate and change from one page to another. For example, if you are going to add more number of pages without simple navigation feature, then it will confuse the visitors, and they have to go to the home page every time to visit the desired page.

It is essential to hyperlink or point out navigation device with bullets or buttons (three dimensional looks good), colored or underlined text, a cursor and menu bars (can be placed on left side or top side of the web page).

Contents: It is important to write down short and precise contents. It has to be informative, free from grammar errors and simple to read. If you are going to add complex words or sentences, then the visitors will not be able to understand about your service or business. It is necessary to keep the entire website up to the point without any errors or confusions. Some people in the name of creativity add extensive images and graphics that will completely bombard the users and make them log out of the website within a fraction of seconds.

Ensure to develop contents and organize them in an appropriate manner. It should not give a cluttered look on the web page.

Major Elements of Graphic Designing

We would have seen several websites with poor graphics and inappropriate website design structure. I am sure; you would tend to immediately click back within the first look of the website. Do you want to keep your website out of ugly appearance? If so, you need to hire an experienced and professional graphic designer. Here in this blog, we are going to share major principles of website/graphic designing that will helpful for your site.

Background: The background of the website should be selected in a careful manner. Well, you would be trying to impress and make people notice your website. It is important to choose the right colors in the right manner. You have to seriously think on several things like, how long the visitors should stay in your website, what type of background color will impress them, are you using an easy color, is the color is hard to look, is it making to water your eyes, are you able to look at the website for more than fifteen to twenty minutes without any problem, and does it relax your mood.

Text: The next important thing you have to focus is the color of the text. It is essential to choose a best test color that should make the readers feel easy to look and read the text. If they are going to face difficulty or finding hard to find the text, then the visitors will not feel like visiting your website.

Font: The font size should be appropriate to the size of the website. You can use up to two to three fonts in your entire website.

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